Tell Your Digital Story

Would you like me to show you how you can reach more customers, faster, with a message that drives them to action and moves them through your lead funnel without resorting to forced, fake sales tactics?

Do you want to put the right message in front of qualified leads the first time to short-cut the qualification process?

Is digital disruption throwing your marketing strategy for a loop?

There’s a lot of noise in the digital space, and everyone seems to have the secret to “digital marketing success.”

There is only one constant in digital marketing: “what works” constantly changes!

There is no secret formula. You can’t add X blog posts to Y social campaigns and generate Z results. In fact, the campaign that produced heavy engagement yesterday might be an absolute flop tomorrow. Staying ahead of the constant flux of digital marketing is a full-time job.

Do you have the time it takes to stay ahead of the digital trends?

How would you like to know that your campaigns are expressing your unique value to the customers who are the most interested in your products or services – every time?

Would you like to maximize qualified clicks to start profitable relationships?

Do you want to spend your nurture dollars wisely?

That’s where I come in.

I know the web is a noisy place. In order to cut through that noise, I use a prescriptive process that helps you laser-focus your brand messaging and produce and publish digital stories. Together, we will:

  • Achieve deeper market penetration in your active markets
  • Target new customer segments and break into new markets
  • Harness disruption and refocus your message for a new generation of consumers
  • Run your campaigns like a well-oiled machine
  • Maximize engagement by using the platforms that will benefit your brand the most
  • Gain actionable insights into your campaigns that help you retarget for even greater engagement

Free, no-obligation consultation

I offer every business a one-hour consultation to see if we’re a good fit for each other. I work with established brands with long, well-defined lists and large revenue streams, and I work with startups who have great ideas and enough funding to get the ball rolling. It just depends! That’s why I will happily discuss your needs in a free, no-obligation call.

Want to learn more?

Check out our services or see a sampling of the industries I’ve served.

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Sure, Shanan is an editor; but more than that, she’s a light worker; a transformation expert; a magician. She will shed light on all the things you need to see, transform your manuscript into everything you dreamed it could be (and more), and magically get inside your head, see where you were going, and teleport your story to that place. Simply put, Shanan is amazing!

Courtney Herz, Author

Shanan was one of several people who recently reviewed and edited the alpha revision of my young-adult urban fantasy novel. Of all the reviewers, Shanan provided the most useful information in a way I found easy to understand and utilize. She pointed out inconsistencies, suggested cuts to improve pace, and helped to make the book much better, which was my goal. If you are looking for a quick, yet thorough, editor or reviewer for your fictional writing—contact Shanan. Five stars.

Gale Leach, Author