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What’s Your Digital Story?

Technology. It’s amazing how one word has reshaped our existence over such a short period of time. As a society, we’ve come to not only accept, but to expect rapid changes in how we connect, interact, live, shop, and access information. When it comes to business, technology disruption means constant shifts if buyer behavior, almost regardless of demographics. If you want to stay ahead, remain relevant, and keep attracting your customers, you’re going to need a digital story and a messaging strategy that anticipates and acts upon the next wave of change as it’s happening.

Because each industry serves a specific market, it’s important to understand how digital stories play a role in speaking to the customers within each business space. Find the industry that best matches your company below and see how you can craft a message that speaks to your transforming market.

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Education Retail Banking & Finance Technology


pexels-photo-935948.jpegEducation serves to teach our youth, prepare adults for careers, or simply expand our minds with new and exciting information. Technology has brought the possibility of deeper learning to more people and has propelled accessibility of education to the forefront of the discussion. The expanding availability of online access has also opened the floodgates of born-in-the-cloud education platforms offering everything from quick tutorials to entire, on-line degree programs.

Messaging for your education company needs to be enticing, exciting and relatable. Whether you need copy for your website, content for your courses, or a messaging platform and content strategy to grow your business through online channels, Wintersmith Press can help. Together, we can craft copy that holds student interest and digital stories that pull the readers in, teaches them what they need to know, and leaves them feeling hopeful for and connected to their own, bright future. After all, that’s what education is all about: preparing people for a better tomorrow.

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pexels-photo-751070.jpegThe retail business used to be one of set hours and in-store experiences. Not anymore. While brick-and-mortar stores still have their place, consumers have largely turned to the convenience of online shopping. Clothing, furniture, household goods, books, electronics… nearly everything can be found, researched and purchased online. Even grocery stores will let you order online and pick up your food, hand-delivered to your care by your personal shopper.

Retail technology has lowered the barriers to entry for born-in-the-cloud startups, giving brick-and-mortar stores a run for their money. And customers expect consistent experiences between the store and their online channels. Differences in messaging can break consumer trust, and they have countless alternatives that they can — and will — choose from. Now is the time for traditional and online retailers alike to forge a strong digital story, and deliver it consistently through every channel.

That’s where Wintersmith Press comes in. We can help you identify your target customers, find out where they live online, and speak directly to them with a message that compels them to take action. We can work together to make sure your message is clear and consistent, building both brand awareness and trust. And, with ongoing messaging support, we can keep your message fresh and inviting as trends, products and customer demands change.

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Banking & Finance

pexels-photo-207569.jpegThe banking industry is experiencing nearly overwhelming disruption, and yet, some things never change. While it’s true that banking and finance customers expect information at their fingertips through their smart phones for both mobile banking and easy payments, there is also overwhelming evidence that customers – especially those under 35 years old — still value that in-branch connection. The ability to deliver personalized service both in the branch and on the device provides peace of mind to the modern banking customer.

Digital storytelling allows banks and financial institutions to forge emotional connections with customers. Messaging for your financial institution that’s inviting, familiar, and that gives a sense of both hope and security can help build trust in your brand. And consistent, omnichannel messaging helps you solidify that trust as your customers navigate their financial lives.

Your bank or financial institution has a valuable opportunity to craft a digital story and share it through a vast array of media channels. Together, we can create a consistent, inviting messaging platformed that can be turned into active and successful marketing and educational materials that will attract and inform your customers, keep them coming back, and encourage them to share your story with their friends, family and colleagues.

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pexels-photo-933964.jpegTech companies used to rely on facts, figures and impressive statistics to sell their solutions. However, with the widespread adoption of technology in our daily lives, that type of messaging now falls flat with most consumers. People no longer want to know how powerful a device is. They don’t look at feature lists for software releases. They want to know how your technology solution is going to make their lives easier and better.

That’s where the digital story comes in. With a strong messaging platform, your technology brand can focus on the people who use your products or services, rather than the tech itself. You can demonstrate the tangible benefits through example and allegory while subtly illuminating the features of your products that make those stories possible.

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